Monday, 17 October 2011

Millwall and Home Form

I was frustrated at drawing another home game on Saturday but even more disappointed with some of our fans booing at end of game. I couldn’t believe it after the start to season. You would have thought we had got hammered! Anyone who follows me on twitter will noticed a few ranting tweets on the subject after the game. I was that annoyed I actually tried to get on the radio to air my views however I turned out too late for the show. The fans have got to look at the Bigger picture, we are unbeaten, and have just set a new club record of 11 games unbeaten at the start of a season and are 3rd in League. A start better than any Boro fan could have imagined.

Sections of fans looking for any little mistake get on Steele’s back. It was his first game back, he is our No1 and would have been back by the end of the month anyway. Giving him stick is only helping the opposition! Carl Ikeme has done a great job for us covering for Steele. His loan is going to end on 1st of November so it was only ever a matter of time before Steele was back in goal. This change came a few games early with Ikeme failing a fitness test on Saturday with a hand injury. Time to back our No1!

Home form is becoming a real concern with all the draws. On Saturday I felt that if McDonald had been at the top of his game we would now be talking about a comfortable Boro win. He could easily have had a hattrick on Saturday. Two of the chances in each half he had were hit straight at the goalkeeper. He just needs a goal to help his confidence and then I’m sure we will see him go on a goal scoring run.

It would be good if we had another option upfront. If we had a forward who plays differently to Emnes, McDonald and Nimely, someone with a bit more height and strength up there. Like a Lambert or a Jutkiewicz for instance. There is no hiding that we are short in that department and Mowbray tried to get Jutkiewicz in before transfer window shut. I’m sure we will be back in for him in January, I just hope his price tag hasn’t gone up by then!

Wins will come. Mogga has got us hard to beat and it is not as if we are not creating chances. We have hit the woodwork more than any other team in the Championship. We’re not conceding as many goals as last season with one of the best defences in the league. It is just a case of putting our chances away and the wins will come at home. Some of the negativity after the game you would have thought we had got thumped. These draws could play a huge part come May on goal difference and this season we may just have a good Christmas run after all we are due one.

It’s important we are all as one at Riverside and back Mogga and the team if we are going to challenge for promotion. We The Twe12th man can have a big impact on the season and build on this great and unexpected start to the season. UTB!

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  1. There's an insufferable element of Boro fans who can't help themselves when it comes to getting on people's backs. I can't understand the mentality of them, it was the same in 86 when I started going; people used to give dogs' abuse to our own Alan Kernaghan for no apparent reason. Back when we were in the prem it was the same; people were booing at half time once when we only managed to hold Chelsea to 0-0! People claim it's because we have high expectations, but based on what?! We've only ever won one trophy in 105 ish years. People need to get a grip and back the team; the booing is a weakness that other teams will exploit. John Kitson said in an interview once that away teams know that our fans get on the players' backs, so teams use that against us by breaking up play in the early stages of games to try and get the fans to turn. You mention a 12th man; the supporters are exactly that - for good effect or bad.